• Proper Noun: Name of specific person, place, or thing.
  • Common Noun: Name of common things like boys, chairs, girls, etc.
  • Collective Noun: Collection of some persons or things and represented as a singular noun. Ex: class, army, herd, flight, etc.
  • Abstract Noun: Whom we cannot touch like happiness, sadness, etc.
  • Materialistic Noun: From whom something is comprised of known as materialistic Noun.

Further classifications are:

Rule No: 1.

Uncountable Nouns

There are some rules which are uncountable nouns.

  • We cannot measure uncountable nouns. like ' Informations' is the wrong phrase.
  • We always use singular verb with uncountable nouns.
  • The plural of these words does not exist.

Some examples of uncountable nouns are:

Hair, Scenery, Information, Mischief, Stuff, Advice, Poetry, Evidence, Luggage, Jewellery, Furniture Bread, Wood, Wages, Money, Machinery, Crockery, Cash, Help, Clothing, etc.


  • Children are prone to making mischiefs if they have nothing to do.[Correct: mischief]
  • I saw beautiful sceneries in painting exhibition.[Correct: scenery]
  • I ate three breads today.[Correct: bread or three slices of bread]
  • She gave two jeweleries.[Correct: jewellery or pieces of jewellery]

Rule No: 2

There are some nouns that seem to be plural but are singular.

Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Robotics, Civics, Mechanics, Gymnastics, News, Summons, Innings, Series, Billiards

Some Diseases: Mesals, Mums, Shingles, Rickets, Diabetes


  • News is coming on tv.
  • The morale of the army was high. 
  • The news coming from the front was very encouraging.
  • The first innings is going on.[Correct: Inning]
  • A 5 match series is being played between India and Australia in Melbourne.

Rule No: 3

There are some nouns which to be singular but exist in plural so use a plural verb with it.

Children, Infantry, Polity, Police, Gentry, Cattle, Brethren, People


  • There was no Gentry in function.[Correct: were]
  • Police has been deployed all over the route.[Correct: have]

Gentry : Group of Gentlemen

Infantry (Troop):Collection of soldiers

Rule No: 4

There are some nouns which exists both in singular and plural form. Nature of verb depends upon sense of sentence and noun.


Team, Committee, Audience, Jury, House


  • Our team is the best team.
  • Our team are trying their new dresses today.
  • A committee is formed for the welfare of society.
  • A committee were appointed for the welfare of society.

Rule No: 5

There are some nouns that are to be plural, they also exist in form but cannot be converted into a singular form.

Note: Always use a singular verb with them until they specified a numeral.

scissors, trousers, jeans, pants, shorts, spectacles, socks, remains, scales, pliers, binoculars, pincers pajamas, tights, tweezers, thanks, congratulations, earnings, wages, savings, contents


A pair of spectacles have been bought by me.[Correct: has]

He read the letter and was made aware of its contents.[Correct: content]

All the evidences were against and he was held guilty.[Correct: evidence, was]

Numerical Adjective Noun Case

When in a sentence there is a numerical adjective with a noun, we cannot use the plural of

that noun if after there is another noun.


Incorrect : He is a twenty years old boy. [ In this sentence we cannot use 's' with 'year'

because after years there is a another noun

'boy' ]

Correct: He is a twenty year old boy.

 The boy is twenty years old.

 Twenty kms are a long distance.[Correct: is]

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